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A small selection of family pictures


Richard passes Maidenhead many times on his refrigerated van journeys.   Fortunately, his boss allows him to take the occasional diversion to see his sister!

This was taken in February 2021


Rhian and James with Dhushy who is a trauma consultant at Coventry Hospital.

They happened to be at the Radcliffe in Oxford when Dhushy brought a patient in by Air Ambulance.

We have some spectacular sunsets in Cyprus.

This is one taken in November 2020



Gareth and James relaxing the garden 2020

Not quite sure about Gareth's Zebra style hair!!

This is a humming bird moth

Taking a sip out of one of the flowers in our
Cyprus garden


More wildlife, Swallows nesting under our patio roof

We get 2 - 3 broods a year -
very pretty but they don't half leave a mess

James playing for Caldicott 1sts in 2019

Turning out to be a superb open side flanker


Gareth playing for the Welsh Exiles at Llandovery College.

This is where George North learned his skills.


Gareth also played with/against Louis Rees-Zammit when playing for the exiles

Thought I'd put this one in for memory sake

3 nurses and Vernon in the garden at Chester Road



And I put this one in to prove that I was fit once

Wyre Forest Half Marathon in about 1985.


Rhian wearing new specs -

Gorgeous !!!


The Covid Nurse

Up to May 2021, Rhian has given over 5000 vaccinations.


And finally, goodbye Cyprus.

We moved in here in 2006
so it's time to come home now!!!










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