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click here to go to a selection of oldie photos from Isobel's side of the family


A small selection of up to date family pictures and memories.



This was taken in February 2022

in Rhian and Guy's kitchen


Rhian and  Gareth

January 2023 on his 20th Birthday

James playing for St Edwards, Oxford in 2020

Turning out to be a superb open side flanker



Gareth and Pip. Pip is a 97 year old whom Rhian,Isobel and myself

befriended some 10 years ago and have looked after ever since.

Pip has no close relatives and now lives in a nursing home.

Ted Gamage - a distant cousin of Isobel - who lives in

St Clare's, Carmarthen on his 90th Birthday 2022.


Just Jane - rebuilt Lancaster in Lincolnshire.
Able to taxi on runway but not yet fit for an airworthiness certificate.

?? who the pilot is !!

James's birthday gift last year was a sky dive !!!!!

He absolutely loved it.

More than I could say for me !!!!!!


Talking about Lancaster bombers, this is Doug Davies
and the crew of ED547 which crashed in March 1943
and Doug was the only survivor. Doug is 3rd from left.

Thought I'd put this one in for memory sake

3 nurses and Vernon in the garden at Chester Road



James at the diamond jubilee street party

at St Luke's Church, Maidenhead


Isobel, July 2022

The Covid Nurse

Up to May 2023, Rhian has given over 5000 vaccinations.

And the next Covid Vaccination season starts in just 6 weeks !!


And finally, goodbye Cyprus.

We moved in here in 2006
and moved back to UK June 2021










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