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A small selection of family pictures

From Isobel's side of the family


Vernon working at the International Stores Whitland

Just before the second world war

Robert Woon Lucas

Born 1852 Cornwall. Died 1901 Swansea


Mabel, Wyn Perce and Irene


Mabe the nurse

Training at the Radcliffe Infirmary,

Oxford at the beginning of WW2


Roy, Mabe, Win and Nanna

1937 ish

Tom and Wyn Mainwaring, Roy and Edith Lucas and Vernon


Vivian, Vernon's brother

Was Tank commander in WW2

Mary (Polly) Lucas - Nee Gamage

Isobel's Great Grandmother

1854 - 1920

John and Elizabeth Ungoed

Isobels Great Grandparents on the other side

Circa 1910


Vernon and Mabe at their wedding









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