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A small selection of family pictures

From Barrie's side of the family


Tydfil with 9 month old Barrie in 1945

Lived with Tydfil's parents at LLwynarel, Eileen Terrace, Gorseinon - otherwise known as 112 Pontardulais Road


Doug and Tydfil's wedding in February 1944

Shown with Hayden and May on left
and Bronwen and Eddie on right
(Doug's sisters with spouses)

Eileen Sutcliffe and Desmond Thomas
wedding in 1942. Eileen was Tydfil's
half sister whose father, Harry Sutton,
was killed in 1st World War






Uncle Ivor (Davies). Mam Jones brother.

Father of Audrey and Freda.
Freda married Phillip Gaylor
and they ran the
florist's opposite the Mardy Hotel.

Uncle Ivor was the lift operator
at the Caerduke colliery in Loghor.

Doug Davies was the son of Will,
Mam Jones brother.

He was their only son who died in
an Arctic Ocean Russia Convoy ship sunk
by a German UBoat.

(See the 'other Doug Davies' Page)


Mam Jones and Auntie Leen.
Leen was Tydfil's half sister

Mam and Dad Jones, Tydfil's parents.

The picture was taken by Barrie in 1961
in his early days as a photographer at
Gowerton Grammar School


Mam Jones with Auntie Leen,
Tydfil and Toby taken about 1939


Taken age 13 in 1934



Uncle Arthur, Mam Jones brother,
father of Eirwen and Carol,
in his early days

Mam and Dad Jones on honeymoon

Taken in 1920 ? where


Mam and Dad Jones Wedding


Uncle Arthur and Auntie Doris.
Mam Jones brother and wife.
Parents of Eirwen and Carol



Uncle Arthur (Mam Jones brother)

and Auntie May with Audrey and Freda

Estimated about 1945


Elizabeth and John Davies
Mam Jones parents taken 1890


Mam Jones age 18 taken in 1913


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