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Well, it's nearly 2 months since  we moved back to the UK and a very busy 2 months it has been! Bear in mind that we have moved from a very spacious 4 bedroom house into a 2 bedroom apartment here in Maidenhead and you can imagine the difficulties in finding a home for everything. Whatever, we are getting there slowly although there are a lot of bits and pieces which no longer fit in - more about that later.

The apartment in Maidenhead is great - albeit as I said, a bit tight for space. It is alongside the river Thames and everything round here is very flat so walking without too much strain is a doddle. Anogyra on the other hand was nothing but hills and so angina and breathlessness  was a problem for the older and less fit amongst us. The house there has been rented to a very nice Russian lady and her daughter and, from the emails we receive, she is very happy there - not surprised really !!! But, with any luck, we will get the house deeds in the not too distant future and will be able to put it on the market - 16 years and still trying to get the deeds so if you want our advice, stay away from the Cypriot frame of mind!!!

We are just 5 minutes from Rhian, Guy and the boys so its great to see them every day. Rhian is still into the covid vaccination program and, to date, has given well over 10,000 vaccinations.  By the time the Covid booster and Flu jab season arrives she will be even busier. Guy still works for DHL at Heathrow although he feels his skills are underused. Gareth has had his Baccalaureat results which were good enough for his first choice university place at Reading University where he will be studying property development - many congratulations Gareth !!. James GCSE results will be out in August before he goes into 6th Form - his ambitions are in the architecture field - so fingers crossed for him.

OK, so I said and after moving home,  we have some bits and pieces which no longer fit into our future lifestyle and which Rhian and Richard have no interest in. If anyone is interested in an 1840 Grandfather clock, a couple of Victorian smokers bow captain's chairs, two sets of late Victorian 3 piece matching jug sets or a 190cm unused circular rug { pictures of them below} you are very welcome to make an offer - family and friends get first opportunity before they go into auction. If interested, click here to go to the contact page.

That's it for now. Contact details are on the contact page as well as below. And, don't forget, if and when flying comes back to normal, we are just 20 minutes from Heathrow airport. So, if anyone needs an overnighter before flying, we have a spare bed and a well stocked wine cabinet!!


Love and best wishes to you all.


Barrie and Isobel



Address is  10 Riverine,  Grosvenor Drive, Maidenhead.  SL6 8PF
Home phone number : 01628 319951
Barrie :       07831099635
Isobel :       07586785563
website :


!840 Grandfather clock made by Joseph Kern, Swansea

190 cm Circular rug - unused

2 sets of unmarked Victorian jugs

2 Victorian Smoker's Bow / Captain's chairs



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Barrie and Isobel


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