Isobel's Mosaics

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Nothing could have been further from her thoughts when we moved to Cyprus that she would become an experienced professional in the art of mosaic making.
The mosaics on the walls of the Vatican, on the floors of ancient Greek and Roman Villas are one type of large scale mosaic which you view from a distance.
isobel is into a much finer form of the art where the pieces are much smaller and the end results much more intricate - she often cuts a 1 inch tile into 128 pieces to work with !

In the beginning, Isobel did it as a hobby and many family and friends in Cyprus, the UK and in the USA have examples of her work in their homes.
Recently, having seen her work, people have been giving her commissions to create specific designs - not exactly a living but very useful pocket money !!

Browse through her work below and if you are interested, get in touch.



This really was a superb piece of work.
Many hours were spent creating this mosaic
of Rhian and Guy's House.  To put it into
perspective, a 1 inch square tile was cut
into 128 individual bricks !

One of Isobel's first efforts for John & Angie in Kidderminster




For those who understand Welsh, Ty-Gwyn means white house.
Ideal for Rick & Barbara Whitehouse in Crete


This one went over to Bob & Mae Frazee in Cape Coral, Florida




This adorns the front wall of Mike and Verity in Cardiff

She felt that Vince in Wolverley needed somewhere to put his rubbish!





Lucky 13 went to Cliff Orme in Worcester

This was one of her best efforts so far.
The club badge of Aphrodite Bowls Club in Erimi, Cyprus





Amazing what you can do with a worn out 10 pin bowling ball !!!

Isobel's first effort at a Roman style fruit bowl





A decorated Mirror - and yes, Cypriot clouds in background !

This really was a magnificent effort based on a picture of the church.

It now hangs in a prominent position in the church hall.





Having seen the Aphrodite Bowls Club mosaic,

members of Aliathon Club asked Isobel to do one for them.

Her first commission !!!

Entitled 'Anogyra with Carobs and Olives', this now

hangs in the Anogyra village council chamber




And as far as commissioned work is concerned

these are Isobel's most popular.

Basket of Fruit - Barrie's birthday gift !!!  



A Christmas gift for Rhian and Guy 2010
And a similar one for Richard  



2 miniature clocks made especially for the

2011 St Barnabas May Fayre. Both were

snapped up almost before the Fayre started!!

An ornamental mirror.

The centre mirror can easily be

replaced with a clock movement






The master at work on a money earning
commissioned clock



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