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          A view of the house from the South West









Looking from the 1st floor Balcony       
towards Episcopi Bay       


The side Garden showing the pithari and the Yucca

Another of the side garden
showing the first floor balcony outside bedroom 3


The Yucca !!


The pithari (decorative now but used to hold olive oil)
and the bird bath

Another view of the front garden

Looking towards Akrotiri

The Patio at the front

A view of the front showing the patio

Another view of the front garden

Looking towards Pissouri

Anogyra Village square

Post office, village office, takeaway,
snack bar, coffee shop, doctor's office
and village shop are all to be found here

Outside workroom

Gas storage cylinder

Wood bunker

Rear relaxation area showing
Outside garden shed, Patio Furniture
and Electrically operated awning

Opposite View


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