Not exactly the sort of thing one normally puts into an advertisement when selling a house but, as someone who enjoys writing websites, this is an ideal opportunity for me to describe the local and favourite hostelries and watering holes around Anogyra.

Certainly not  a 'TripAdvisor' entry but rather something which gives prospective buyers a more personal view of the area and its facilities


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Nicholas Taverna

Just 75 metres from the house at the end of the road. Probably the most popular Taverna in Town. It boasts a 25 metre x 10 metre swimming pool with surrounding loungers and tables - a very popular attraction in the hot summer months. Also boasts a split restaurant where the summer section can be closed in the winter months. Food is very good but with limited availability unless it is an organised function. Andree and Effie are superb at English and Greek dishes and their all day breakfast is superb. You don't need to book but if you want something special, 24 hours notice is advisable.




Lella's Take Away


Recently opened in the village centre is Lella's Take Away. Not really a full blown restaurant but an absolutely superb snack meal facility and coffee shop. Also offers a wide ranging Cypriot take away menu which is recommended. There is also a well stocked bar.

Just a few metres south of the coffee shop is the Pastelli factory and museum. Anogyra is one of only 2 carob villages on the island and here you can purchase carob toffee, sweets, carob syrup and lots more delicacies






Anagyris Herb Farm
and Restaurant

On the south east side of the village about a 15 minute walk from the village centre. Open usually at weekends and you need to make a reservation. Food is typical Cypriot, well presented, tastes superb, wide variety and very good value  for money indeed.

All around the restaurant is the herb farm where a huge variety of herbs and spices are commercially grown. Examples of these can be purchased at the restaurant including soaps, perfumes and drinks.




Just 3 K out of the village on the road to Pachna is Oleastro - the official Olive Oil Museum of Cyprus. It also boasts an organic olive oil processing facility, a fun park, museum. well stocked shop and, a restaurant - although you are advised to book a table here.

Once again, typical high quality superb tasting and very good value for money Cypriot food. Wide ranging selection of drinks at the bar. You are advised to plan to spend a bit of time here because between exploring the museum and fun park followed by a meal - you won't be home too early!